Douglas Park Wilton Athletics Club
Camden Rd, Douglas Park, NSW, 2560
0497 923 273
In wet weather conditions Wollondilly Shire Council may close the oval. The Council has an information line that announces which ovals are closed. The phone number of the information line is (02) 4677 1111.
Regardless of whether Council re-opens the oval, for our purposes, it will be considered closed if it is closed at 12 noon as numerous members of the community will have seen the ‘oval closed’ sign in the morning and consider it to be closed and will not attend. This decision has been made based on past experiences.
When the oval is open and it is wet but not raining, a modified program is conducted which does not include hurdles or high jump.
If it is wet or raining but the oval is open, the club will attempt to make the decision whether to cancel or not by 4pm. Any questions please see our Facebook page or ring Douglas Park Athletics Wet Weather Info Line on 0497 923 273 after 4pm.
In the case of changes in the weather conditions after 4pm, a decision will not be made until competition is due to commence.
The committee request your patience on wet weather days and asks you to remember that at all times we are considering the safety of the athletes as well as their desire to participate in athletic events.
It must also be understood that if the club decides to compete on a hot day, the final decision regarding whether an individual athlete should compete or not, rests with the athlete’s parent/carer.
Please note the President will decide by 4pm on the day if events will go ahead, this information will be updated on the website, facebook page & also the Club mobile.