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All items can be purchased from the Uniform Officer at a cost of $35 per item (singlets/croptops/shorts or tights).
Commencing season 2007/2008 LAANSW has adopted the IAAF recommendation in relation to manufacturers’ logos. The ruling is: ‘Manufacturer logos must be no more than 5cm in height, have lettering no more than 4cm in height and not exceed a total of 30cm2 (i.e. 5cm x 6cm, 3cm x 10cm etc).’ This sizing applies to all components of the uniform (top or bottom), front and back.
Bike/compression pants may be worn providing they are above the knee. (The logo ruling does not apply to these undergarments.) If boys choose to wear them, they must wear sports shorts/pants over the top.  Bike pants alone are not acceptable for boys.
The large registration number is to be sewn or securely attached to and be visible on the front of the Club singlet or Lycra suit top with all of the red border being visible. The number, logo and border must not be tampered with in any way. The small age patch is to be sewn or securely attached on the top left hand side of the singlet/top (preferably) or the bottom left hand side of the pants. If you choose to place the age patch on shorts, it must NOT be obscured by a singlet/shirt or you will be asked to tuck the top in so the patch is visible. For LAANSW events and some Gala Days, our club identifying number ‘179’, must be attached to the back of the uniform. See the Championship Officer to obtain a ‘179’ number if needed. The rego. number & age patch must be changed each season.
Enclosed footwear must be worn at all times.
Spikes are allowed in the age groups Under 10’s and up in all races run entirely in lanes ie sprints (short track events), hurdles, 200m, 400m as well as high jump, long jump, triple jump and javelin (and may be worn in Championship events for all races for the U13 – U17 age groups. Locally, however, we will not be allowing spikes in any unlaned events). Under no circumstances will Tiny Tots, Under 6, Under 7 and Under 8 athletes be allowed to wear them.
The onus is on the wearer of spikes to take care at all times. Spikes are to be worn while competing only. While waiting for an event or going to and from an event, the wearer must have spiked shoes removed. At Championship events, failure to adhere to this may result in disqualification.
Please note:  There are different types of spikes to put in your shoes.  You will NOT be allowed to use ‘grass’ style spikes on a synthetic track eg Campbelltown, Bankstown, Sylvania and Homebush.  Also, at synthetic tracks, you will be required to use blocks if you wear spikes in a race.  For blocks training see the Championship Officer.
Hats can and should be worn at all times in any event. The only event where wearing a hat may cause a penalty is in High Jump, if the hat knocks the bar off.