Douglas Park Wilton Athletics Club
Camden Rd, Douglas Park, NSW, 2560
0497 923 273
Douglas Park Little Athletics invites all children from the community to share in the enjoyment of exercise and competition from athletics activities on Friday afternoons. All children are welcome to register as competitors and all parents and community members are welcome as helpers or spectators.
1.To provide a friendly competition with other children of the same age, with similar interest and ability.
2.To provide the more competitive children with the opportunity to go on and represent our Centre at Championship events and Gala Days.
Irresponsible and disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated at club, inter-club or Association levels. Should an athlete or parent require corrective action, this action will be reported immediately to the President who will issue a formal warning.
All council grounds are alcohol free zones. In addition, Little Athletics NSW prohibits alcohol being consumed while competition is in progress. Our centre will be enforcing that the oval and surrounding area, including canteen seating, be alcohol free while competition is in progress.
Smoking is prohibited on the oval during athletics competition. Please be aware of this issue and move well away.
If children have been shown how to compete properly, especially in the jumping and throwing events, it will ensure smoother running of competition on Friday nights. If any person is interested in learning the coaching side of athletics, the Australian Track and Field Coaches Association conducts coaching courses for this purpose. Please contact a committee member for further information.
Our Centre needs coaches.
Current Coaches are: Michael Millen – Level 0       Jodie Redmond - Level 0
Rachel Smith – Level 0                                            Karl Christl - Level 0
Officials are the people who judge field events and do the starting, place judging and time keeping for track events. Our club needs officials. Our Zone organizes Official’s Training days when the rules of each event are explained (to adults). At the end of the day you have the opportunity to sit for event-related exams to become a Little Athletics NSW accredited official in as many events as you wish. To become accredited you must pass the exam and be observed on at least two occasions correctly performing the Official function.
The training days are worthwhile whether you sit the exam or not. Please contact a committee member for further information.
Current Officials are:
Allison Pickering – Grade C for Timekeeping and Umpiring
Sharon Gechevski – Grade C for Long/Triple Jump & D for Timekeeping
Justin Hill – Grade C for Shot Put, Starter & Timekeeping, D in Umpiring, C in Lng Jump
Rachel Smith – Grade D for Shot Put
Wayne Coghlan – Grade D for Shot Put, Discus, Javelin, High Jump, Long/Triple jump
Your club cannot function without YOUR assistance.  We ask that you participate in the running of the club by means of helping with the supervision of the athletes or assist in the canteen or help out with track or field events. No-one expects you to know what to do initially, so why not ‘tag’ along with someone else and learn how to do one of the jobs. It’s much more interesting for you being involved and the children get great pleasure from Mum or Dad seeing how well they are doing.
Please note: None of the committee/officials are paid for their time and effort.  We put in hours of our own time for your children and our club.  We are all volunteers doing our best in otherwise busy schedules – please take this into consideration.
It is the aim of the committee to provide each athlete with an evening of fun, competition and exercise.  We need the assistance of parents to run these evenings.  We ask parents to make sure someone is taking responsibility for their children if they cannot stay for the duration of the events.  We can accept no legal responsibility in any form for the children, and so we must insist that parents who cannot be at the events have another parent accept responsibility for their child.  Please ensure the other parent, your child and the age supervisor (or a committee member) are aware of these arrangements and that they know how to contact you if required.
Douglas Park Little Athletics has a legal and a moral responsibility to provide a positive and safe environment for children. We do this by making a firm and open commitment to child protection and adopting procedures and practices that will minimise the risk of a child being abused. Child protection involves keeping children safe from abuse and protecting them from people who are unsuitable to work with children.
Part of our legal responsibility is to ensure that EACH SEASON every parent, care giver or helper signs a Prohibited Employment Declaration to declare whether or not they are a prohibited person. If you have not signed one yet this season, please do so. You can obtain a form from the Registrar.
A prohibited person is a person convicted of a serious sex offence, ie an offence involving sexual activity or acts of indecency that would receive a prison sentence of 12 months or more if committed in NSW.
A registrable person is a person who has been found guilty of certain serious criminal offences involving children that include:
– Murder
– Sexual offences
– Indecency offences punishable by imprisonment of 12 months or more
– Kidnapping
– Offences connected with child prostitution
– Possession or publication of child pornography.
A registrable person is by definition a prohibited person.
It is an offence for a prohibited person to apply for or remain in child-related employment. Volunteer work is considered employment under the legislation.
The person to speak to if you have any concerns about 'child protection" issues is the club's Child Protection Officer.
The committee and officals will endeavour to provide all care for the health and well being of all children competing in offical programs whether they be Friday night competition events or Zone or Region championship events but still must insist that the parent accepts all responsibility for their child.