Douglas Park Wilton Athletics Club
Camden Rd, Douglas Park, NSW, 2560
0497 923 273
All members are welcome to attend these carnivals. We will aim to have all events listed on our website.You can find a full list of events on the Little A’s website.  Go to www.laansw.com.au. You do not need to be a ‘super star’ to attend.  As with our own local competition, there is a wide range of athletic abilities.
Please note that attendance and results from Gala Days are not recognised for records or any awards by this club. However, these days are a wonderful opportunity to compete against different athletes, a chance to make new friends and are excellent preparation for Championship events.
Any questions about Gala Days / Carnivals please email info@douglasparkathletics.com
Please find below the links to The 2018 Scamper