Douglas Park Wilton Athletics Club
Camden Rd, Douglas Park, NSW, 2560
0497 923 273
All dates (except for local Douglas Park dates) can also be found at www.laansw.com.au
All registered athletes are welcom to compete at other clubs as a visitor when there is no competition night at Douglas Park. Please be aware that attendace and results when visiting other clubs (except for Championship events & Zone Multi) are not recognised for records or any awards by this club.

*NOTE re selection in relay teams (State Relays & Zone). Times & distances from Friday competition nights(not school or other events) will be used for selection.  The selection is at the discretion of the Championship Officer who may conduct a ‘run off’ if deemed necessary especially bend v straight time trials.  If you wish to be considered for a relay you should ensure that on Friday nights you have run (or jumped, or thrown) in the event you want to do in the relay.  Also be aware that there are frequently not enough athletes in an age group wanting to do the relay and willing/able to commit to the required training.